Gad Shaanan - CEO and Founder

Gad Shaanan is an entrepreneurial visionary with over thirty-five-years of creating award winning products for internationally recognized, mass-market brands. His passion is identifying market gaps, inventing solutions, assembling the right team of experts, executing on the development plan and finding the right partners to launch with. As a business strategist, he truly comprehends the bigger picture and the nature of global success. Some of his past clients include: Bombardier, Canadair, Siemens, CAE, GE, Qualcomm, Kyocera, Motorola, HP, J&J, WD40.

His childhood passion for designing and building scale aircraft has resulted in Unmanned Aerospace and the GH-4.

Gad has lived in Europe and Canada, now in San Diego California, and served three years in the Israeli army.

Unmanned-Aerospace is his 5th startup.


Jeffrey Knapp - CTO

Mr. Knapp joined Insitu in 2002 as a Principal Engineer, has served as Director of Product Engineering, Chief Engineer for the ScanEagle Product Line, and was Insitu’s Chief Engineer, Advanced Programs, focusing on 2–5-year technology development for all products. His focus on fuel cell electric power system solutions for small UAS started in 2010. Mr. Knapp specializes in mechanical design, packaging, heat transfer, and hardening of electronic systems. He has served as technical contributor and leader over his 32-year Engineering career for: The Boeing Company, Microelectronics Computer Technology Corporation, Alliant Techsystems, Inc., Hughes Aircraft Company, Raytheon Systems Co. and Teknologic Engineering Services LLC. Mr. Knapp earned his BSME from the University of Washington and is author and co-author of five Insitu Patents.

Scale Gyrocopter Specialist

Over thirty years of experience in designing, building and testing scaled gyrocopters. His experience in this area is unique, and includes dozens of designs and hundreds of test flights.

Aerospace Engineer

An expert in aeronautical engineering with an emphasis on aircraft propulsion, including propeller and rotor design and drive systems.


Expertise in miniature, high reliability avionics. Implementation of the unique and technologically advanced UltraBlue fight controller, and integrated motor and battery management systems. Total NDAA DoD compliant including January 2021 executive order requirements.