Unmanned Aerospace wins JIATF-South competition
Unmanned Aerospace entered the JIATF-South SCOUT competition with the GH-4 hydrogen powered gyrocopter, capable of VTOL and hover due to its patented technology that requires no swash plate or any of the mechanical complexities and maintenance associated with a helicopter. The judges recognized the uniqueness, wide flight envelope, and capabilities of the aircraft by selecting it as one of a handful of winners.

The GH-4 addresses the following navy needs:

  • Providing on-board, on-demand courier system with a 150-mile flight radius for ship to shore, or 300 mile range for ship to ship delivery.
  • Minimum footprint when not in use
  • Deployable in minutes
  • Flies in rain and rough weather
  • Flies at low altitudes, with low or no sound signature
  • Green energy
  • Due to its “outside the fuselage” cargo storage, it offers flexible 15 pound cargo shape and size.
Unmanned Aerospace is led by the founder and CEO Gad Shaanan, and Jeff Knapp, former INSITU chief engineer, and a seasoned board of advisors.


First shipset
Unmanned Aerospace has received the first revised carbon fiber shipset ahead of schedule, after converting the design from just ISR applications, to both ISR and logistics.


We are proud to announce our newly formed board of advisors, and distinguished advisors including:

Esina Alec: Former CEO of Insitu
Jim Rodman: Retired Rear Admiral
Scott Tait: Retired Naval Commander