• Failure tolerance: In forward flight, the GH-4 can sustain motor failure, and still be maneuverable, glide and land safely.
  • Stall proof: The GH-4, based on the gyrocopter principal, does not stall. The inherent nature of the design is such that it will auto stabilize.
  • Slow speed: The GH-4 can slow down to a crawl, and still have full control.
  • Configurable flight modes: The GH-4 can fly in gyro mode, crawl gyro mode, or VTOL/hover mode. These configurations provide a wide flight envelope to meet the needs of various missions.
  • Energy efficient: Inherently, the gyrocopter is a very simple aircraft.  Integrating the VTOL/hover innovation, the GH-4 provides long flight capability as a result of our unique rotor head with efficient power management.
  • One-person deployment: The GH-4 can be deployed and operated by one person in under six minutes.